Political Correctness.

December 29, 2006

How the hell did we as a Country, supposedly under a Conservative administration, end up allowing the liberals impose their stupid Political Correctness, to the point of render all our weapons in this WOT useless?

Our troops, regardless of training, experience, equipment and number are just pretty much sitting ducks, with their hands tied up behind their backs by stupid Rules of Engagement. We are sacrificing our children by not acting as we’re suppose to, with a decisively strong response to attacks, and even stronger preemptive strike against training camps, terrorist strongholds and the like to prevent them in the first place; incarceration (even execution, if warranted) of all the domestic traitors, to include US politicians playing for the enemy, members of the treacherous media disclosing top secret strategies and plans to the enemy, while demoralizing our people with a collection of massive bad news, pessimism and rigged polls and while inflaming anti-American feelings abroad with lies, exaggerations and double standards; and the leadership of those organizations (CAIR, ACLU, et al) dedicated exclusively to weak our position in all fronts. We must break our diplomatic relations with those countries that did not (and do not) support our stance in this Global War, and consider them enemies, to be dealt with now or later on -if they don’t decide to come crying asking for mercy. (like France would, but even then, we should invade them, abolish French/impose English, establish a mandatory “Shower a day”, and rename them Frogland, US Territory) We should reactivate CIA to start surgical elimination of US Enemies across the world (a la Putin). We should also restart enforcing our laws to prevent illegal entry to the US, eliminate racist concepts as Affirmative Action, eliminate funding naive organizations like the UN, stop assuming baseless theories as absolute truths (Global Warming, Recycling, Sharing the wealth, Big Government) and eliminate them progressively -the only instance when I use the term “progressive”.

I don’t know when all this started, nor I care. This is the time to stop the self-destructive nonsense. Just keep an eye on Europe, you’ll realize what’s coming. We are better, much better. Stop the insanity.